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Spanish Vocabulary Frequency Dictionary

This page accesses a database of the 5000 most frequent words in Spanish, ordered by frequency of use.

You can limit the display to various parts of speech, so, for example, you could request a list of the 200 most frequently used verbs. Or, you can view the vocabulary by category, such as clothing, or family related items.


Flashcards: (formerly Mental Case)

Flashcards are available for much of the vocabulary as well. You will need to download the iOS Studies app that I use for the flashcards. To download a stack of vocabulary, navigate to this page on your iOS device in Safari and click the link to download. iOS will offer to open the list in the Studies app.

FHUHS Essential Vocabulary

If you’re looking for the Essential Vocabulary lists for the various Spanish classes throughout the district, follow these links:

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Parts of Speech currently displaying: article, adjective, adverb, conjunction, interjection, noun (m), noun (f), noun (m/f), number, preposition, pronoun, verb
#Freq.Vocab ItemPart of SpeechEnglish
11el, la, los, lasarticlethe
22deprepositionof, from
33queconjunctionthat, which
55aprepositionto, at
66enprepositionin, on
77un, unaarticlea, an
88serverbto be (inherent characteristic)
99sepronounhimself, herself, itself (3rd person reflexive pronoun)
yourself (formal 2nd person reflexive pronoun)
1111haberverbto have (auxiliary)
1212porprepositionby, for, through
1414suadjectivehis, her, their, your (possessive adjective)
1515paraprepositionfor, to, in order to
1616comoconjunctionlike, as
1717estarverbto be (state or condition)
1818tenerverbto have, to possess
1919le, lespronounto him, to her (3rd person indirect object pronoun)
to you (formal 2nd person indirect object pronoun)
2020loarticlelo + adjective, eg. *lo mejor*
2121lo, lospronounit, him, them (masc. 3rd person direct object pronoun)
you (masc. formal 2nd person direct object pronoun)
2222todoadjectiveall, every
2323peroconjunctionbut, yet, except
2525hacerverbto make, to do
2727poderverbto be able to, can
2828decirverbto say, to tell
2929esteadjectivethis (masc. sing. demonstrative adjective)
3030irverbto go
3131otroadjectiveother, another
3232eseadjectivethat (masc. sing. demonstrative adjective)
3333la, laspronounit, her, them (fem. 3rd person direct object pronoun)
you (fem. formal 2nd person direct object pronoun)
3434siconjunctionif, whether
3535mepronounme, to me, myself (1st person sing. object pronoun)
3636yaadverbalready, still
3737ververbto see
3939darverbto give
4141lpronounhe (masc. 3rd person sing. subject pronoun)
4242muyadverbvery, really
4444vez, vecesnoun (f)time (an instance, ocurrence)
4545muchoadjectivemuch, a lot, many
4646saberverbto know a fact, how to do something (present), to find out (preterite)
4747qupronounwhat?, which?, how + (adjective)!
4848sobreprepositionover, above, about, on top of
4949miadjectivemy (possessive adjective)
5050algunoadjectivesome, someone