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Javascript to Access Online Dictionaries

One of the tools I use very often is a browser shortcut, or favorite, that I use to access either the Royal Spanish Academy online dictionary, or,

Here’s how it works. Drag either or both of the links below to the shortcut / favorite bar of your browser. Name it whatever you want. In my case, I just named one RAE and the other WordRef so they takes up less space.

Now, when I encounter a word that I want to look up, I just select it in the browser window, and click the shortcut. The javascript will grab the selected word, do a lookup at the appropriate dictionary, and then pop open a new window on top with the definition displayed.

If you don’t have a word selected, it will first pop up a dialog in which you can type the word you want to look up.

Give it a try.


Here’s the link for the Real Academia Español:

Real Academia Española (the new RAE interface in which the Conjugate link doesn’t seem to work)

Real Academia Española (the older RAE interface–in which the Conjugate link replaces the definition with conjugation)

And here’s the link for the WordReference dictionary:


If you want to look up the conjugation of a particular verb, or see a verb form that you don’t recognize, you can use this tool to go directly to a page at with the entire verb paradigm fully conjugated:

WordReference Verb Conjugations


And here’s the link to do a WordReference search in French:

WordReference (French)