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World Language Resources

The following web sites may be useful in your classroom or on your own web pages. I’ll try to keep this current, and if you know of any additional web sites that are worth including, send me a link and I’ll get them added.

Why study a World Language?

We hear this question a lot. Here are 700 reasons you may find interesting.

Clip Art Collections

La Prensa en español

Below is a list of recommended Spanish language newspapers online from around the world and across the political spectrum:

Spanish Language Broadcast Media

The following are links to selected Spanish language television and radio resources on the Internet.



Most of the sources above are streaming sources (ie., they are not files which you download to your computer, but are played live in your browser. If you want to save any of these live streams, you will need to use some special software on your computer to record the stream. See the [special tools][tools] page [here][tools].