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Pronouns are words which stand in the place of another noun. As such, they can function grammatically in all of the places in which nouns can function.

See the pages below which detail the various forms and uses of pronouns in Spanish:

For information about the placement of object pronouns within a sentence, see this page.

Frequency of Use

See the list below for the frequency with which all types of pronouns are used in Spanish.

#Freq.Vocab ItemPart of SpeechEnglish
19sepronounhimself, herself, itself (3rd person reflexive pronoun)
yourself (formal 2nd person reflexive pronoun)
219le, lespronounto him, to her (3rd person indirect object pronoun)
to you (formal 2nd person indirect object pronoun)
321lo, lospronounit, him, them (masc. 3rd person direct object pronoun)
you (masc. formal 2nd person direct object pronoun)
433la, laspronounit, her, them (fem. 3rd person direct object pronoun)
you (fem. formal 2nd person direct object pronoun)
535mepronounme, to me, myself (1st person sing. object pronoun)
641lpronounhe (masc. 3rd person sing. subject pronoun)
747qupronounwhat?, which?, how + (adjective)!
852yopronounI (1st person sing. subject pronoun)
963esopronounthat (neuter demonstrative pronoun)
1065nospronounus, to us, ourselves (1st person plural object pronoun)
1169ellapronounshe (fem. 3rd person sing. subject pronoun)
1295nadapronounnothing, at all
14110estopronounthis (3rd person sing. neuter demonstrative pronoun)
15136tepronounyou, to you, yourself (fam. 2nd person sing. object pronoun)
16141quienpronounwho, whom
17153cualpronounwhich, who, whom
18168stepronounthis one (3rd person sing. demonstrative pronoun)
19191nosotrospronounwe (1st person plural subject pronoun)
20233nadiepronounnobody, anybody
21269usted, ustedespronounyou (formal 2nd person subject pronoun)
22292quinpronounwho?, whom?
23343ellopronounit (3rd person sing. neuter object pronoun)
24357mpronoun(to) me (1st person singular object of a preposition)
26480alguienpronounsomebody, someone, anyone
27520suyopronounhis, hers, yours (3rd person sing. / 2nd person sing. formal possessive pronoun)
28554tpronounyou (familiar 2nd person sing. subject pronoun)
29814aquellopronounthat over there (3rd person sing. demonstrative pronoun)
30855sepronounthat one (masc. singular demonstrative pronoun)
31872mopronounmine (1st person sing. possessive pronoun)
321373ospronounyou all, to you all, yourselves (familiar 2nd person plural object pronoun)
331390aqulpronounthat one over there (3rd person sing. demonstrative pronoun)
341704tipronounyou (2nd person sing. pronomial object of a preposition)
351845conmigopronounwith me
362797tuyopronoun2nd person sing. possessive pronoun
373017contigopronounwith you
383430vospronounyou (alternative familiar 2nd person sing. subject pronoun - Lat. Am.)
394132vosotrospronounyou all (familiar 2nd person plural subject pronoun - Espaa)