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En France, aujourd’hui c’est Mercredi le 19 décembre, 2018.

French 4/5

Le Programme des Études: Français 4/5 (2015-2016)

Description This course provides an opportunity for highly motivated students to pursue their study of French and to maintain their skills for college placement credits. There are many options open to the student at this level depending on class size and individual needs: conversation, phonetics, composition, history, music, theater, geography, contemporary films, and cuisine, as well as individualized and independent programs designed by the student.

Expectations In accordance with the language proficiency guidelines established by ACTFL (the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages), students will develop their basic language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing to INTERMEDIATE-Mid-Advanced level. Students are able to ask and answer questions, initiate, respond, and maintain conversation. They can read consistently with reasonable to full understanding and research independently. They can write detailed notes, resumes, compositions, and researched reports. Speech and writing are comprehensible to native speakers used to dealing with non-native speakers.

Content may include, but is not limited to:
Phonetics: articulation and intonation
Conversation: basic, quotidian
Orals: informative, instructional
Survey of History: Research portfolio, oral presentation, analysis
Survey of Literature:

  • “la Chanson de Roland”
  • “Acassin et Nicolette”
  • “la Farce de Maitre Pathelin”
  • la poésie de Francois Villon
  • “le Roman de Renard”
  • Gargantua Rabelais
  • “Phedre” Racine
  • Candide Voltaire
  • Le Rouge et le Noir Stendhal

Second Semester Options:
Contemporary Film

Class Website All daily activities and assignments will be posted on the website. Many assignments will be sent to your Google Drive French folder. If you are absent from class, mentally or physically, it is your responsibility to find out what you missed. If you do not have access to the Internet at home, you should plan time during study halls to check the website.

Required Materials Writing utensil (preferably pencil or blue/black pen) 3 ring binder (Students are responsible for keeping their binders neat and organized in case of a surprise notebook check (hint, hint)). textbooks chrome books

Grading Students will be assessed on homework, quizzes, tests, projects, oral presentations, essays, class participation etc. Grade determination is variable per unit.

Homework Assignments In this class, students will have homework on a nightly basis. All homework assignments will be collected and graded. No late work will be accepted unless I have given prior permission. Therefore, if you are going on a field trip or to a sporting event, make sure that you hand in your homework AND pick up the next day’s assignments before leaving. If you have done an assignment on time AND it is returned to you with a grade of less than 65, you may (and should) fix the errors and resubmit the assignment the next day for a passing grade.

Plagiarism and Machine Translation Do not use online translators. I will be able to tell. You will receive a zero and the administration will be notified. Do your own work. If you need help, come see me.