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La zapatera prodigiosa: pp. 31-33

En España, hoy es miércoles el 19 de diciembre de 2018.


Undécima escena, pp. 31-33

The niño returns to report that the uprising in the village has resulted in several persons receiving knife wounds, and of course the villagers blame la zapatera (despite the fact that she didn’t leave the zapatería) as the cause of the violence. La zapatera, accompanied by el niño, exit the scene to try to get a view the chaos in the village square from a safe location. Several women of the village arrive to tell the still disguised zapatero that he should flee before the crowd and the authorities descend upon the house. However, he defends la zapatera and runs them from the house.

The niño re-enters the scene after having witnessed a number of townspeople entering the house of the alcalde, and then runs off to try to learn what they are about.

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Mientras Lees

  1. Have you ever stood up to a group you believed to be wrong? Recall the kind of bravery that that takes, and infuse that same bravery into the characters of el zapatero and el niño as they try to defend la zapatera in this scene.
Escena 11 de La zapatera prodigiosa, 73:25-76:03


Después de leer: Preguntas de comprensión

  1. Según la gente del pueblo, ¿quién tiene la culpa de toda la violencia?
  2. ¿Qué solución propone las vecinas de colores a la situación?

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