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La zapatera prodigiosa: pp. 21-23

En España, hoy es martes el 18 de diciembre de 2018.


Séptima escena, pp. 21-23

In this section, the alcalde adds his name to the list of suitors to la zapatera. While the other suitors have been younger men of no means, the alcalde offers a beautiful house with gardens, fine furniture and other luxuries. Nonetheless, he is rejected in much the same way as all the others who preceeded him.

As the scene ends, there is a disturbance in the street with the arrival of a puppet show, led by a man playing a trumpet.

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  1. Most men simply cannot imagine how a woman feels when she is constantly pestered with affections that are unwanted. Try to imagine what this constant onslaught would feel like to la zapatera.
  2. In rural Spain in the 20s, there really wasn’t much in the way of entertainment. The arrival of a traveling puppet show would have had not only the children in a tizzy, but most adults as well. While the scale is different, think about what happens to the rest of “life” for you and your family when Addison County Field Days, or the State Fair are in session.
Escena 7 de La zapatera prodigiosa, 54:00-58:40


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  1. Cita dos ejemplos en esta sección en donde la zapatera mantiene firme su devoción al zapatero.

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