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La zapatera prodigiosa: pp. pp. 13-16

En España, hoy es martes el 18 de diciembre de 2018.


Quinta escena, pp. 13-16

This section opens with la zapatera fulfilling the role of dutiful housewife as she cleans and straightens the zapatería while looking for her husband to serve him dinner. The niño arrives and she learns that her husband has left her for parts unknown. Disconsolate, the whole town turns out to mock her as the curtain falls on the end of Act 1.

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Mientras Lees

  1. Write a list of all of the characters you encounter in this section. What are their relationships?
  2. Have you ever behaved in a way that you later regretted? Perhaps you said some things to someone that you really didn’t mean. How do you take that back? Can you take that back?
Escena 5 de La zapatera prodigiosa, 37:40-45:52


Después de leer: Preguntas de comprensión

  1. ¿Por qué viene el niño a contarle a la zapatera de su marido?
  2. ¿Cómo imaginas que se siente la zapatera después de enterarse que su marido se le ha dejado?
  3. ¿Por qué existe la escena con la mariposa? ¿Es un símbolo de algo? ¿Conoces un refrán en inglés que está relacionada con este imagen?

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