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Jornada Primera

En España, hoy es martes el 18 de diciembre de 2018.

La vida es sueño, pp. 33-72


El argumento

In this first act of the play, we naturally meet all of the main characters of the play. The act opens as Rosaura and her assistant, Clarín, clamber over rocks and boulders to encounter a tower, the door standing open. They have arrived in Polonia where Rosaura seeks revenge. Within the tower they are met with the prisioner, Segismundo and his jailer, Clotaldo.

Seeing the sword carried by Rosaura, Clotaldo realizes that it is in fact the very sword he left in a foreign land with the woman Violante, knowing that once he saw it again, it would be carried by his own offspring. Confused by what he should do and torn between his duties as a father and his duties to King Basilio, he vacillates between his opposing loyalties.

In the second part, we find ourselves in the court of Polonia and meet the two heirs apparent to the throne of Polonia. With no publicly known male heirs (as Segismundo’s very existence is kept secret), the lineage is uncertain. Basilio and his deceased wife also had a daughter, Estrella, though at the time it was considered preferable for the heir to the throne to be male. Basilio also had a sister, Recisunda, who has a son, Astolfo. Both Estrella and Astolfo aspire to the throne, and to hedge his bets, Astolfo, believes that if he can wed his cousin, his chances of becoming king are even greater. Estrella is not so eager…

After Astolfo and Estrella confront one another, Basilio and the rest of the court arrive. Basilio has a very surprising announcement for the court, which he delivers in a long soliloquy, to the astonishment of all of who listen, not the least of whom are Estrella and Astolfo.

At the close of this jornada, Clotaldo arrives with his prisoners Rosaura and Clarín, worried that the King will insist upon the penalty of death for anyone who has entered the tower prison and seen Segismundo, but having just made his surprising announcement, Basilio pardons the foreigners.

In the final lines of this section, we learn who it is that Rosaura intends to take vengeance upon, and the plot thickens!

Personajes (en orden de apariencia)

  • ROSAURA, A Lady, dressed as a man.
  • CLARÍN, The comic relief character.
  • SEGISMUNDO, The prisoner prince.
  • CLOTALDO, Segismundo’s jailer.
  • ASTOLFO, The Duke of Moscovia. (son of Recisunda, youngest sister of Basilio, and wife of the leader of Moscovia)
  • ESTRELLA, The princess of Polonia. (daughter of Clorilene, oldest sister of Basilio)
  • BASILIO, The King of Polonia.

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Recursos: Las secciones del drama

El video correspondiente a la Jornada Primera


pp. 33-36

  1. ¿Quiénes son los personajes de esta sección?
  2. ¿Cuáles son las relaciones entre ellos?
  3. La primer palabra del drama es “hipogrifo”. ¿A qué se refiere Rosaura cuando dice ‘hipogrifo’?
  4. En el primer parlamento de Rosaura en la p. 36, explica porque es difícil ver la torre. ¿Por qué es difícil verla?
  5. ¿Qué oyen Rosaura y Clarín que les da miedo justo antes de entrar en la torre?

pp. 37-41

  1. En su primer soliloquio, Segismundo se compare con cuatro cosas. ¿Cuáles son?