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Spanish 4 Essential Nouns

En España, hoy es martes el 18 de diciembre de 2018.

The following is a list of the nouns we fully expect a student who has completed their third year and is entering their fourth year of Spanish to know and which should be part of their active vocabulary. Certainly, any student entering fourth year will know far more nouns than just this list, but these are the minimum expectations:

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#Freq.Vocab ItemPart of SpeechEnglish
144vez, vecesnoun (f)
255aonoun (m)
368tiemponoun (m)
471danoun (m)
578cosanoun (f)
680hombrenoun (m)
786partenoun (f)
888vidanoun (f)
9108momentonoun (m)
10113formanoun (f)
11116casanoun (f)
12118mundonoun (m)
13127mujernoun (f)
14130casonoun (m)
15133pasnoun (m)
16135lugarnoun (m)
17137personanoun (f)
18143horanoun (f)
19145trabajonoun (m)
20147puntonoun (m)
21150manonoun (f)
22152maneranoun (f)
23156finnoun (m)
24157tiponoun (m)
25158gentenoun (f)
26162ejemplonoun (m)
27165ladonoun (m)
28166hijonoun (m)
29169problemanoun (m)
30170cuentanoun (f)
31171medionoun (m)
32176palabranoun (f)
33178nionoun (m)
34180embargonoun (m)
35182padrenoun (m)
36186cambionoun (m)
37192historianoun (f)
38193ideanoun (f)
39194aguanoun (f)
40196nochenoun (f)
41197ciudadnoun (f)
42198modonoun (m)
43199nombrenoun (m)
44201familianoun (f)
45202realidadnoun (f)
46206obranoun (f)
47209verdadnoun (f)
48210mesnoun (m)
49212raznnoun (f)
50216gruponoun (m)
51230relacinnoun (f)
52232cuerponoun (m)
53235hechonoun (m)
54237principionoun (m)
55240seornoun (m)
56241pueblonoun (m)
57242tardenoun (f)
58247ojonoun (m)
59248callenoun (f)
60253libronoun (m)
61255fuerzanoun (f)
62256luznoun (f)
63258santonoun (m)
64260frentenoun (m/f)
65262amigonoun (m)
66265sentidonoun (m)
67267pasonoun (m)
68268situacinnoun (f)
69272gracianoun (f)
70273siglonoun (m)
71274diosnoun (m)
72276tierranoun (f)
73277papelnoun (m)
74278madrenoun (f)
75283temanoun (m)
76288clasenoun (f)
77291dineronoun (m)
78295camponoun (m)
79298cabezanoun (f)
80302ordennoun (m/f)
81303donnoun (m)
82304semananoun (f)
83307finalnoun (m/f)
84308intersnoun (m)
85310vistanoun (f)
86313acuerdonoun (m)
87315nmeronoun (m)
88318fondonoun (m)
89319caminonoun (m)
90320voznoun (f)
91321estudionoun (m)
92326valornoun (m)
93333medidanoun (f)
94339centronoun (m)
95340necesidadnoun (f)
96341condicinnoun (f)
97344faltanoun (f)
98350edadnoun (f)
99351estadonoun (m)
100352sernoun (m)
101354puertanoun (f)
102356caranoun (f)
103358pocanoun (f)
104359colornoun (m)
105361experiencianoun (f)
106362movimientonoun (m)
107366pesarnoun (m)
108367posibilidadnoun (f)
109371juegonoun (m)
110374airenoun (m)
111377guerranoun (f)
112379resultadonoun (m)
113384leynoun (f)
114385aspectonoun (m)
115386pienoun (m)
116388especienoun (f)
117390servicionoun (m)
118393actividadnoun (f)
119398cuestinnoun (f)
120399dudanoun (f)
121400diferencianoun (f)
122401maananoun (f)
123404cantidadnoun (f)
124405accinnoun (f)
125408sociedadnoun (f)
126417pesonoun (m)
127418efectonoun (m)
128419objectonoun (m)
129423amornoun (m)
130424muertenoun (f)
131425partidonoun (m)
132427derechonoun (m)
133428podernoun (m)
134429importancianoun (f)
135430sistemanoun (m)
136431viajenoun (m)
137432suelonoun (m)
138433respectonoun (m)
139434conocimientonoun (m)
140435libertadnoun (f)
141441atencinnoun (f)
142444esfuerzonoun (m)
143447restonoun (m)
144449zonanoun (f)
145450miedonoun (m)
146452procesonoun (m)
147459minutonoun (m)
148461mesanoun (f)
149463ocasinnoun (f)
150467programanoun (m)
151468favornoun (m)
152472respuestanoun (f)
153473lneanoun (f)
154474espacionoun (m)
155475nivelnoun (m)
156476gobiernonoun (m)
157477cabonoun (m)
158481preguntanoun (f)
159484imagennoun (f)
160485carreranoun (f)
161495figuranoun (f)
162497animalnoun (m)
163498basenoun (f)
164503posicinnoun (f)
165504motivonoun (m)
166505pruebanoun (f)
167506polticanoun (f)
168513datonoun (m)
169517empresanoun (f)
170518asuntonoun (m)
171519presencianoun (f)
172521culturanoun (f)
173522serienoun (f)
174530carcternoun (m)
175531mayoranoun (f)
176532escuelanoun (f)
177538autornoun (m/f)
178539hermanonoun (m)
179543funcinnoun (f)
180546causanoun (f)
181549decisinnoun (f)
182550msicanoun (f)
183555expresinnoun (f)
184559ronoun (m)
185560seguridadnoun (f)
186561trminonoun (m)
187563metronoun (m)
188564mdiconoun (m/f)
189567artenoun (m)
190570consecuencianoun (f)
191572actonoun (m)
192575penanoun (f)
193577segundonoun (m)
194578alturanoun (f)
195579deseonoun (m)
196581jovennoun (m/f)
197583sueonoun (m)
198585tareanoun (f)
199586cartanoun (f)
200588propiedadnoun (f)
201589productonoun (m)
202593gustonoun (m)
203594ayudanoun (f)
204596lenguanoun (f)
205598plannoun (m)
206600vueltanoun (f)
207604proyectonoun (m)
208605memorianoun (f)
209606origennoun (m)
210607elementonoun (m)
211609mercadonoun (m)
212610cursonoun (m)
213613sangrenoun (f)
214614interiornoun (m)
215619usonoun (m)
216620brazonoun (m)
217621profesor, profesoranoun (m/f)
218623futuronoun (m)
219624oportunidadnoun (f)
220625mitadnoun (f)
221628recuerdonoun (m)
222632opininnoun (f)
223635bocanoun (f)
224636direccinnoun (f)
225639piezanoun (f)
226644actitudnoun (f)
227645marnoun (m/f)
228647entradanoun (f)
229648contactonoun (m)
230649coraznnoun (m)
231651capitalnoun (m/f)
232653ttulonoun (m)
233655cuartonoun (m)
234656materialnoun (m)
235657golpenoun (m)
236659comunicacinnoun (f)
237666enfermedadnoun (f)
238667bien, bienesnoun (m)
239668materianoun (f)
240672sitionoun (m)
241674naturalezanoun (f)
242675capacidadnoun (f)
243678distancianoun (f)
244682informacinnoun (f)
245683ambientenoun (m)
246685desarrollonoun (m)
247686solnoun (m)
248693compaeronoun (m)
249694salidanoun (f)
250696conciencianoun (f)
251700costumbrenoun (f)
252702paznoun (f)
253703noticianoun (f)
254704circunstancianoun (f)
255705dolornoun (m)
256707estilonoun (m)
257708precionoun (m)
258711plantanoun (f)
259712personajenoun (m)
260714xitonoun (m)
261715hijanoun (f)
262717edificionoun (m)
263718autoridadnoun (f)
264719piedranoun (f)
265721conjuntonoun (m)
266725suertenoun (f)
267731espritunoun (m)
268732miembronoun (m)
269735recursonoun (m)
270736parednoun (f)
271737equiponoun (m)
272738errornoun (m)
273741dificultadnoun (f)
274745voluntadnoun (f)
275746reuninnoun (f)
276747modelonoun (m/f)
277749fechanoun (f)
278752propsitonoun (m)
279754cuidadonoun (m)
280755puestonoun (m)
281756gradonoun (m)
282758luchanoun (f)
283761jefenoun (m/f)
284765peridiconoun (m)
285768parnoun (m/f)
286769pbliconoun (m)
287772calidadnoun (f)
288775ciencianoun (f)
289776tamaonoun (m)
290778doctornoun (m/f)
291779cuadronoun (m)
292780caballonoun (m)
293781responsabilidadnoun (f)
294784detallenoun (m)
295785marchanoun (f)
296787carnenoun (f)
297789pensamientonoun (m)
298791cargonoun (m)
299793santanoun (f)
300794contruccinnoun (f)
301795juicionoun (m)
302796terrenonoun (m)
303797pisonoun (m)
304798compaanoun (f)
305800textonoun (m)
306801fuentenoun (f)
307802presentenoun (m)
308804revistanoun (f)
309805esperanzanoun (f)
310806mquinanoun (f)
311809frasenoun (f)
312811salanoun (f)
313813instrumentonoun (m)
314815defensanoun (f)
315816directornoun (m/f)
316818explicacinnoun (f)
317819artculonoun (m)
318824radionoun (m/f)
319826pelculanoun (f)
320827eleccinnoun (f)
321828visitanoun (f)
322830apoyonoun (m)
323831presidentenoun (m/f)
324832armanoun (f)
325833rbolnoun (m)
326836encuentronoun (m)
327838corrientenoun (f)
328839lecturanoun (f)
329840existencianoun (f)
330841lenguajenoun (m)
331844destinonoun (m)
332845educacinnoun (f)
333848operacinnoun (f)
334853notanoun (f)
335861teatronoun (m)
336864negocionoun (m)
337865letranoun (f)
338867sentimientonoun (m)
339871solucinnoun (f)
340873comidanoun (f)
341874impresinnoun (f)
342875planonoun (m)
343876intencinnoun (f)
344877ritmonoun (m)
345881banconoun (m)
346884pielnoun (f)
347889controlnoun (m)
348890investigacinnoun (f)
349892conversacinnoun (f)
350893veranonoun (m)
351894respetonoun (m)
352895nortenoun (m)
353898tradicinnoun (f)
354900poblacinnoun (f)
355901parejanoun (f)
356902pasadonoun (m)
357903diarionoun (m)
358906generacinnoun (f)
359908visinnoun (f)
360913peligronoun (m)
361914oronoun (m)
362917vinonoun (m)
363921etapanoun (f)
364923silencionoun (m)
365928artistanoun (m/f)
366930labornoun (f)
367932cielonoun (m)
368933prcticanoun (f)
369934lmitenoun (m)
370935masanoun (f)
371938formacinnoun (f)
372939perronoun (m)
373940izquierdanoun (f)
374946energanoun (f)
375947confianzanoun (f)
376950flornoun (f)
377951esposanoun (f)
378957revolucinnoun (f)
379961maestronoun (m)
380966fenmenonoun (m)
381967presinnoun (f)
382969alumnonoun (m)
383970teoranoun (f)
384972tononoun (m)
385973saludnoun (f)
386976seoranoun (f)
387982vanoun (f)
388984almanoun (f)
389987maderanoun (f)
390988fiestanoun (f)
391989calornoun (m)
392992hogarnoun (m)
393993mentenoun (f)
394995preocupacinnoun (f)
395997conceptonoun (m)
396999telfononoun (m)
3971000hojanoun (f)
3981011escritor, escritoranoun (m/f)
3991012intentonoun (m)
4001014reglanoun (f)
4011016riesgonoun (m)
4021017policanoun (m/f)
4031019estudiantenoun (m/f)
4041020plazanoun (f)
4051022llamadanoun (f)
4061023sensacinnoun (f)
4071024enemigonoun (m)
4081025unidadnoun (f)
4091027idiomanoun (m)
4101028raznoun (f)
4111029compromisonoun (m)
4121030comentarionoun (m)
4131031carganoun (f)
4141032maridonoun (m)
4151035derechanoun (f)
4161036extremonoun (m)
4171037individuonoun (m)
4181038contenidonoun (m)
4191040obligacinnoun (f)
4201041cortenoun (m/f)
4211043totalnoun (m)
4221045daonoun (m)
4231047mensajenoun (m)
4241049listanoun (f)
4251050reginnoun (f)
4261052nianoun (f)
4271053culpanoun (f)
4281055discusinnoun (f)
4291056pelonoun (m)
4301060fenoun (f)
4311063referencianoun (f)
4321064surnoun (m)
4331065gestonoun (m)
4341066perspectivanoun (f)
4351073colegionoun (m)
4361075ventanoun (f)
4371076documentonoun (m)
4381078televisinnoun (f)
4391079chiconoun (m)
4401080novelanoun (f)
4411083alcancenoun (m)
4421085crisisnoun (f)
4431090literaturanoun (f)
4441091batallanoun (f)
4451092europeonoun (m)
4461093dueonoun (m)
4471095vecinonoun (m)
4481096sectornoun (m)
4491097pinturanoun (f)
4501098accidentenoun (m)
4511102influencianoun (f)
4521104empleadonoun (m)
4531107monedanoun (f)
4541108facilidadnoun (f)
4551109matrimonionoun (m)
4561111iglesianoun (f)
4571113oficinanoun (f)
4581115institucinnoun (f)
4591120fronoun (m)
4601121domingonoun (m)
4611122reaccinnoun (f)
4621125acontecimientonoun (m)
4631126costanoun (f)
4641129mtodonoun (m)
4651130comunidadnoun (f)
4661131cochenoun (m)
4671135pginanoun (f)
4681137frecuencianoun (f)
4691138conclusinnoun (f)
4701139escenanoun (f)
4711141estructuranoun (f)
4721142beneficionoun (m)
4731143alimentonoun (m)
4741145velocidadnoun (f)
4751146barrionoun (m)
4761148anlisisnoun (m)
4771150fronteranoun (f)
4781154temornoun (m)
4791157ataquenoun (m)
4801159cinenoun (m)
4811160ramanoun (f)
4821162comienzonoun (m)
4831164barconoun (m)
4841165partidanoun (f)
4851168aparatonoun (m)
4861171extranjeronoun (m)
4871172cmaranoun (f)
4881173creacinnoun (f)
4891177gananoun (f)
4901180modanoun (f)
4911184ruidonoun (m)
4921185camanoun (f)
4931187tcnicanoun (f)
4941188consejonoun (m)
4951190violencianoun (f)
4961192sonidonoun (m)
4971194estrellanoun (f)
4981197miradanoun (f)
4991201piernanoun (f)
5001204hambrenoun (f)
5011205placernoun (m)
5021206profesinnoun (f)
5031210objectivonoun (m)
5041211honornoun (m)
5051212montaanoun (f)
5061215instantenoun (m)
5071216vientonoun (m)
5081217lluvianoun (f)
5091218ejrcitonoun (m)
5101220trennoun (m)
5111222crculonoun (m)
5121226ventajanoun (f)
5131229islanoun (f)
5141230tornonoun (m)
5151232amistadnoun (f)
5161236cadenanoun (f)
5171237polticonoun (m/f)
5181238reynoun (m)
5191240nimonoun (m)
5201241tratonoun (m)
5211242ejercicionoun (m)
5221243organizacinnoun (f)
5231244agostonoun (m)
5241245secretarionoun (m/f)
5251248dedonoun (m)
5261249gastonoun (m)
5271250cafnoun (m)
5281251dilogonoun (m)
5291254discursonoun (m)
5301256hermananoun (f)
5311258cajanoun (f)
5321259jueznoun (m/f)
5331260particularnoun (m)
5341262poetanoun (m/f)
5351264sorpresanoun (f)
5361265ventananoun (f)
5371266caractersticanoun (f)
5381271sumanoun (f)
5391274volumennoun (m)
5401275estacinnoun (f)
5411279argumentonoun (m)
5421280categoranoun (f)
5431281platanoun (f)
5441282conflictonoun (m)
5451283avinnoun (m)
5461285ropanoun (m)
5471286examennoun (m)
5481287habitantenoun (m)
5491290justicianoun (f)
5501292criterionoun (m)
5511295plazonoun (m)
5521297kilmetronoun (m)
5531298hospitalnoun (m)
5541299satisfaccinnoun (f)
5551307sillanoun (f)
5561311juventudnoun (f)
5571315accesonoun (m)
5581316marconoun (m)
5591318prensanoun (f)
5601319excepcinnoun (f)
5611321ausencianoun (f)
5621324sombranoun (f)
5631330profundidadnoun (f)
5641334lechenoun (f)
5651335consideracinnoun (f)
5661337premionoun (m)
5671339nacimientonoun (m)
5681340inviernonoun (m)
5691341diciembrenoun (m)
5701343comportamientonoun (m)
5711344crticanoun (f)
5721346fuegonoun (m)
5731347tendencianoun (f)
5741349normanoun (f)
5751352ruedanoun (f)
5761353puentenoun (m)
5771355rasgonoun (m)
5781357cuentonoun (m)
5791359signonoun (m)
5801360sealnoun (f)
5811362campaanoun (f)
5821364puertonoun (m)
5831366aventuranoun (f)
5841370marcanoun (f)
5851372ilusinnoun (f)
5861374compranoun (f)
5871375inteligencianoun (f)
5881378virtudnoun (f)
5891379remedionoun (m)
5901382territorionoun (m)
5911383facultadnoun (f)
5921385fotografanoun (f)
5931386techonoun (m)
5941388conductanoun (f)
5951391saltonoun (m)
5961392pannoun (m)
5971398disposicinnoun (f)
5981400generalnoun (m)
5991401disciplinanoun (f)
6001404personalnoun (m)
6011406columnanoun (f)
6021411indionoun (m)
6031412gatonoun (m)
6041413margennoun (m/f)
6051415resistencianoun (f)
6061417prdidanoun (f)
6071418tratmientonoun (m)
6081419entrevistanoun (f)
6091420espectculonoun (m)
6101421personalidadnoun (f)
6111422mayonoun (m)
6121425representacinnoun (f)
6131426rgimennoun (m)
6141427puntanoun (f)
6151429alegranoun (f)
6161432misinnoun (f)
6171436empleonoun (m)
6181438particpacinnoun (f)
6191440perodonoun (m)
6201441buscanoun (f)
6211442superficienoun (f)
6221445pasinnoun (f)
6231446vehculonoun (m)
6241449eneronoun (m)
6251450captulonoun (m)
6261451fracasonoun (m)
6271452expertonoun (m)
6281453inquietudnoun (f)
6291458organismonoun (m)
6301459cancinnoun (f)
6311460religinnoun (f)
6321462departamentonoun (m)
6331464periodistanoun (m/f)
6341468interpretacinnoun (f)
6351472bellezanoun (f)
6361473universidadnoun (f)
6371474riquezanoun (f)
6381478ratonoun (m)
6391487equilibrionoun (m)
6401490frutonoun (m)
6411491representantenoun (m/f)
6421495excesonoun (m)
6431496capanoun (f)
6441497defectonoun (m)
6451498fbricanoun (f)
6461499espaldanoun (f)
6471501gneronoun (m)
6481504economanoun (f)
6491506bosquenoun (m)
6501508paisajenoun (m)
6511510llamadonoun (m)
6521511pacientenoun (m/f)
6531514tensinnoun (f)
6541519ministronoun (m/f)
6551520impulsonoun (m)
6561522comercionoun (m)
6571525esperanoun (f)
6581527reservanoun (f)
6591529competencianoun (f)
6601535observacinnoun (f)
6611538vaconoun (m)
6621540cifranoun (f)
6631542escalanoun (f)
6641544procedimientonoun (m)
6651546frmulanoun (f)
6661547mbitonoun (m)
6671548informenoun (m)
6681549dimensinnoun (f)
6691550clientenoun (m/f)
6701551manifestacinnoun (f)
6711553piconoun (m)
6721554sensibilidadnoun (f)
6731557regresonoun (m)
6741558temperaturanoun (f)
6751559julionoun (m)
6761562bombanoun (f)
6771563rganonoun (m)
6781565avancenoun (m)
6791566humanidadnoun (f)
6801567firmanoun (f)
6811568soldadonoun (m/f)
6821576climanoun (m)
6831577emocinnoun (f)
6841578automvilnoun (m)
6851580malnoun (m)
6861582habilidadnoun (f)
6871583indentidadnoun (f)
6881584desgracianoun (f)
6891588debernoun (m)
6901589colanoun (f)
6911591progresonoun (m)
6921594muestranoun (f)
6931596hbitonoun (m)
6941599mecanismonoun (m)
6951600viviendanoun (f)
6961602reanoun (f)
6971606mezclanoun (f)
6981610habitacinnoun (f)
6991611instruccinnoun (f)
7001613versinnoun (f)
7011614lujonoun (m)
7021615intervencinnoun (f)
7031616llegadanoun (f)
7041617alrededornoun (m)
7051618testigonoun (m)
7061619dominionoun (m)
7071620razanoun (f)
7081622descubrimientonoun (m)
7091623vacacionesnoun (f)
7101624provincianoun (f)
7111625sabernoun (m)
7121630claridadnoun (f)
7131635arenanoun (f)
7141636posturanoun (f)
7151637salnnoun (m)
7161638escenarionoun (m)
7171640largonoun (m)
7181643hotelnoun (m)
7191644oficionoun (m)
7201647filanoun (f)
7211648patrnnoun (m)
7221649pechonoun (m)
7231650tiendanoun (f)
7241652proteccinnoun (f)
7251653funcionarionoun (m)
7261657transportenoun (m)
7271658rednoun (f)
7281659cadanoun (f)
7291663vallenoun (m)
7301665vuelonoun (m)
7311667sexonoun (m)
7321668iniciativanoun (f)
7331670concentracinnoun (f)
7341671gritonoun (m)
7351672esencianoun (f)
7361673cocinanoun (f)
7371675reflejonoun (m)
7381676definicinnoun (f)
7391680abogadonoun (m/f)
7401683sesinnoun (f)
7411685relojnoun (m)
7421687muchachonoun (m)
7431688octubrenoun (m)
7441689exposicinnoun (f)
7451690ingresonoun (m)
7461692dibujonoun (m)
7471695huesonoun (m)
7481697militarnoun (m)
7491698motornoun (m)
7501699oposicinnoun (f)
7511700pationoun (m)
7521701frutanoun (f)
7531702idealnoun (m)
7541705actornoun (m)
7551706confusinnoun (f)
7561710trajenoun (m)
7571711exigencianoun (f)
7581712vctimanoun (f)
7591713playanoun (f)
7601714trabajadornoun (m/f)
7611716hierronoun (m)
7621719telanoun (f)
7631721produccinnoun (f)
7641722febreronoun (m)
7651723smbolonoun (m)
7661725medicinanoun (f)
7671727bsquedanoun (f)
7681729tranquilidadnoun (f)
7691730espejonoun (m)
7701732comprensinnoun (f)
7711734cerebronoun (m)
7721737tironoun (m)
7731740abuelonoun (m)
7741746declaracinnoun (f)
7751748sujetonoun (m)
7761751enseanzanoun (f)
7771753permisonoun (m)
7781754evolucinnoun (f)
7791755tonoun (m)
7801756moralnoun (f)
7811760parquenoun (m)
7821761ingenieronoun (m/f)
7831763bordenoun (m)
7841765entusiasmonoun (m)
7851767independencianoun (f)
7861768mentiranoun (f)
7871770sueldonoun (m)
7881772comparacinnoun (f)
7891776senonoun (m)
7901778cantonoun (m)
7911779potencianoun (f)
7921781oficialnoun (m/f)
7931782fortunanoun (f)
7941783crimennoun (m)
7951787ciudadanonoun (m)
7961789baonoun (m)
7971794reconocimientonoun (m)
7981795exteriornoun (m)
7991799crditonoun (m)
8001800alternativanoun (f)
8011804canalnoun (m)
8021806agentenoun (m/f)
8031807pagonoun (m)
8041808filosofanoun (f)
8051810lectornoun (m)
8061813triunfonoun (m)
8071816sbadonoun (m)
8081817amiganoun (f)
8091818carreteranoun (f)
8101821victorianoun (f)
8111824pjaronoun (m)
8121825bibliotecanoun (f)
8131826reflexinnoun (f)
8141829vocacinnoun (f)
8151831continentenoun (m)
8161833tablanoun (f)
8171835ensayonoun (m)
8181836platonoun (m)
8191837jardnnoun (m)
8201838imaginacinnoun (f)
8211841poesanoun (f)
8221842guardianoun (m/f)
8231843privilegionoun (m)
8241844montenoun (m)
8251847precisinnoun (f)
8261848sacrificionoun (m)
8271851hilonoun (m)
8281854aparicinnoun (f)
8291855poemanoun (m)
8301857curiosidadnoun (f)
8311859dientenoun (m)
8321860primonoun (m)
8331863apariencianoun (f)
8341864novedadnoun (f)
8351867castigonoun (m)
8361871carronoun (m)
8371873aumentonoun (m)
8381874pobrezanoun (f)
8391878dlarnoun (m)
8401880localnoun (m)
8411884industrianoun (f)
8421885caballeronoun (m)
8431886especialistanoun (m/f)
8441887temporadanoun (f)
8451889humornoun (m)
8461891nacinnoun (f)
8471892felicidadnoun (f)
8481893amantenoun (m/f)
8491897clculonoun (m)
8501898composicinnoun (f)
8511899rapideznoun (f)
8521900huevonoun (m)
8531902crecimientonoun (m)
8541903clavenoun (f)
8551905tragedianoun (f)
8561906coleccinnoun (f)
8571907chicanoun (f)
8581908prestigionoun (m)
8591910seccinnoun (f)
8601915bolsanoun (f)
8611916cintanoun (f)
8621920cuellonoun (m)
8631921continuacinnoun (f)
8641922abrilnoun (m)
8651924actuacinnoun (f)
8661925factornoun (m)
8671926esquinanoun (f)
8681927hombronoun (m)
8691928infancianoun (f)
8701930descansonoun (m)
8711932zapatonoun (m)
8721933parecernoun (m)
8731934familarnoun (m)
8741935mritonoun (m)
8751942muronoun (m)
8761946montnnoun (m)
8771948disconoun (m)
8781950demandanoun (f)
8791952mueblenoun (m)
8801953desastrenoun (m)
8811954secretonoun (m)
8821957angustianoun (f)
8831961nubenoun (f)
8841963miserianoun (f)
8851966significadonoun (m)
8861967famanoun (f)
8871968palacionoun (m)
8881969odonoun (m)
8891971polvonoun (m)
8901974sacerdotenoun (m)
8911977leccinnoun (f)
8921978rosanoun (f)
8931986olornoun (m)
8941989contratonoun (m)
8951990presentacinnoun (f)
8961991crcelnoun (f)
8971992divisinnoun (f)
8981993revsnoun (m)
8991997cualidadnoun (f)
9002000ndicenoun (m)
9012002marzonoun (m)
9022003atmsferanoun (f)
9032004planetanoun (m)
9042006orgullonoun (m)
9052007jornadanoun (f)
9062012palonoun (m)
9072013diseonoun (m)
9082015lgicanoun (f)
9092016herencianoun (f)
9102019deportenoun (m)
9112020reinanoun (f)
9122021banderanoun (f)
9132023maravillanoun (f)
9142025bandanoun (f)
9152026cristalnoun (m)
9162028ancdotanoun (f)
9172031leyendanoun (f)
9182032muertonoun (m)
9192033azcarnoun (m)
9202035inclinacinnoun (f)
9212040rostronoun (m)
9222041separacinnoun (f)
9232042econoun (m)
9242045citanoun (f)
9252046actualidadnoun (f)
9262050fantasanoun (f)
9272051promesanoun (f)
9282052patanoun (f)
9292054fotonoun (f)
9302055administracinnoun (f)
9312057civilizacinnoun (f)
9322059ocupacinnoun (f)
9332061asientonoun (m)
9342065pistanoun (f)
9352066testimonionoun (m)
9362067regalonoun (m)
9372073contradiccinnoun (f)
9382075metalnoun (m)
9392076aceitenoun (m)
9402078cdigonoun (m)
9412081uninnoun (f)
9422082extensinnoun (f)
9432083duronoun (m)
9442088varnnoun (m)
9452091evidencianoun (f)
9462092dignidadnoun (f)
9472093escndalonoun (m)
9482094coleganoun (m/f)
9492095horarionoun (m)
9502096orillanoun (f)
9512098copianoun (f)
9522099huellanoun (f)
9532101ejemplarnoun (m)
9542103curanoun (m/f)
9552106garantanoun (f)
9562107vasonoun (m)
9572108perfilnoun (m)
9582109proporcinnoun (f)
9592111cermonianoun (f)
9602112vidrionoun (m)
9612113rutanoun (f)
9622114anuncionoun (m)
9632116soledadnoun (f)
9642117tesisnoun (f)
9652118rincnnoun (m)
9662119narznoun (f)
9672121bolsillonoun (m)
9682123asociacinnoun (f)
9692125mandonoun (m)
9702126sabornoun (m)
9712127dcadanoun (f)
9722128preparacinnoun (f)
9732132afectonoun (m)
9742134protestanoun (f)
9752135patrianoun (f)
9762136consumonoun (m)
9772138selvanoun (f)
9782139deudanoun (f)
9792140horizontenoun (m)
9802143talentonoun (m)
9812144gasnoun (m)
9822145tnoun (m)
9832146glorianoun (f)
9842148noviembrenoun (m)
9852149candidatonoun (m)
9862150llavenoun (f)
9872151inconvenientenoun (m)
9882152afnnoun (m)
9892154etcteranoun (m)
9902155comisinnoun (f)
9912158posesinnoun (f)
9922159damanoun (f)
9932160ondanoun (f)
9942161botellanoun (f)
9952162torrenoun (f)
9962164combinacinnoun (f)
9972165cadvernoun (m)
9982166paquetenoun (m)
9992167apellidonoun (m)
10002171conferencianoun (f)
10012173propuestanoun (f)
10022174intensidadnoun (f)
10032175explosinnoun (f)
10042177odionoun (m)
10052179universonoun (m)
10062181milagronoun (m)
10072182entreganoun (f)
10082185mapanoun (m)
10092186hroenoun (m)
10102187lunesnoun (m)
10112188trficonoun (m)
10122189terrornoun (m)
10132190casualidadnoun (f)
10142192risanoun (f)
10152193cuerdanoun (f)
10162194consultanoun (f)
10172195edicinnoun (f)
10182197rayonoun (m)
10192199tanoun (f)
10202200adultonoun (m)
10212201votonoun (m)
10222202calmanoun (f)
10232205ofertanoun (f)
10242206vergenzanoun (f)
10252207avenoun (m)
10262208rodillanoun (f)
10272209paseonoun (m)
10282214registronoun (m)
10292218pintornoun (m/f)
10302219delitonoun (m)
10312220vestidonoun (m)
10322221relatonoun (m)
10332222bailenoun (m)
10342223misterionoun (m)
10352225ciclonoun (m)
10362228sntomanoun (m)
10372229amenazanoun (f)
10382231recorridonoun (m)
10392232concepcinnoun (f)
10402233tristezanoun (f)
10412234vacanoun (f)
10422235criaturanoun (f)
10432236creencianoun (f)
10442238ncleonoun (m)
10452240perdnnoun (m)
10462241madugadanoun (f)
10472243obreronoun (m/f)
10482246carionoun (m)
10492248ngelnoun (m)
10502249rigornoun (m)
10512251contrastenoun (m)
10522252turnonoun (m)
10532255reinonoun (m)
10542258funcionamientonoun (m)
10552259autonoun (m)
10562260alanoun (f)
10572261debatenoun (m)
10582263aplicacinnoun (f)
10592264laboratorionoun (m)
10602266vendedornoun (m/f)
10612267copanoun (f)
10622270tratadonoun (m)
10632275rechazonoun (m)
10642276totalidadnoun (f)
10652281papnoun (m)
10662286mamnoun (f)
10672287velanoun (f)
10682289establecimientonoun (m)
10692291matiznoun (m)
10702293metanoun (f)
10712296comodidadnoun (f)
10722297parientenoun (m/f)
10732299distribucinnoun (f)
10742300invitacinnoun (f)
10752301destruccinnoun (f)
10762305opcinnoun (f)
10772308mximonoun (m)
10782309tarjetanoun (f)
10792310fasenoun (f)
10802312tropanoun (f)
10812314socionoun (m)
10822318guanoun (m/f)
10832321hielonoun (m)
10842325primaveranoun (f)
10852327simpatanoun (f)
10862329centmetronoun (m)
10872330pantallanoun (f)
10882331toronoun (m)
10892333cultivonoun (m)
10902334horrornoun (m)
10912335bienestarnoun (m)
10922336paciencianoun (f)
10932339conviccinnoun (f)
10942341uniformenoun (m)
10952342medianoun (f)
10962343mnimonoun (m)
10972346compaeranoun (f)
10982349junionoun (m)
10992350dramanoun (m)
11002354doblenoun (m)
11012355episodionoun (m)
11022357afirmacinnoun (f)
11032359barnoun (m)
11042361liberacinnoun (f)
11052364estancianoun (f)
11062368variedadnoun (f)
11072370capitnnoun (m)
11082371droganoun (f)
11092373tallernoun (m)
11102374desordennoun (m)
11112377esclavonoun (m)
11122385manejonoun (m)
11132386lgrimanoun (f)
11142387colaboracinnoun (f)
11152389ngulonoun (m)
11162390impactonoun (m)
11172391urgencianoun (f)
11182393creadornoun (m)
11192394lunanoun (f)
11202395instalacinnoun (f)
11212396homenajenoun (m)
11222397ruinanoun (f)
11232400azarnoun (m)
11242406olanoun (f)
11252407orejanoun (f)
11262408abuelanoun (f)
11272410doanoun (f)
11282412arconoun (m)
11292413orientenoun (m)
11302414rumbonoun (m)
11312415ejecucinnoun (f)