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Rosaura a las diez

En España, hoy es miércoles el 19 de diciembre de 2018.

Introducción a la novela



Rosaura a las diez is the first novel written by Marco Denevi. Denevi had been an entirely unknown author when he published Rosaura in 1955, but the book was very well received and won a number of awards, including the prestigious Kraft award in Argentina. A lawyer by education, the success of Rosaura allowed Denevi to concentrate on his writing, and he continued to produce award winning short stories, novels and essays. Born in 1922 in a suburb of Buenos Aires, Denevi died in December of 1998.

Rosaura a las diez takes place entirely in Buenos Aires at the end of World War II and the post-war years. It is the story of Camilo Canegato, a small, shy man who works as an artist and art restorer. Camilo lives in La Madrileña, a boarding house owned by Doña Milagros and her three daughters. In his twelve years as a boarder in La Madrileña Camilo becomes a member of the family. When Camilo begins a relationship with the mysterious Rosaura, the daughter of one of Camilo’s patrons, Milagros and the rest of the boarders at La Madrileña all take an active interest in the development of the relationship.


  • Camilo Canegato, el protagonista
  • Doña Milagros, dueña de La madrileña
  • Matilde, Clotilde y Enilde, las hijas de Milagros
  • David Réguel, estudiante de leyes y otro huésped de La madrileña
  • La señorita Eufrasia Morales, otra huésped de la casa
  • Coretti, huésped de la casa
  • Elsa, la mucama, una criada
  • Rosaura

Recursos textuales

Las secciones de la novela

El vídeo

There was a very well received film version of the novel released in 1958 in Argentina, directed by Mario Soffici. Recently, a much better copy of it was made available on YouTube—much higher quality than the VHS tape I finally found of the film after searching for years!

For each section of the novel, I have isolated the portion of the film which most closely matches the novel.