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Ep. 8: La leyenda del tiempo

En España, hoy es domingo el 09 de diciembre de 2018.

El ministerio del tiempo: Capítulo 8

In this episode, our team heads back to the 1920s and a school which produced some of the greatest Spanish artists, writers and scientists of the 20th century: Buñuel, García Lorca and Dalí. A film produced there, “El tenorio” has been changed and an iPad-like tablet now appears in the movie poster painted by Dalí. The team needs to discover who has changed history and make the necessary corrections.

In their personal lives, the team faces the realities of the lives they have lost and may have yet to live.

As you watch the episode, I recommend that you turn on the subtitles once the video starts to play by clicking the button Subt. in the lower part of the video screen. You will be able to read the dialog as you watch.

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