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Ep. 3: Cómo se reescribe el tiempo

En España, hoy es martes el 18 de diciembre de 2018.

El ministerio del tiempo: Capítulo 3

At the start of the Second World War, Spain was nominally an ally of the axis powers Germany and Italy. Indeed, Hitler’s assistance had been critical in the fascist assault on the Second Spanish Republic during the Spanish Civil War. But with its economy in shambles after three years of civil war, Francisco Franco, the new fascist dictator of Spain, was in no position to actually assist in the war effort. Rather, in hindsight, Franco seemed to view his alliance with Hitler as an opportunity to advance Spain’s interests politically and economically. Hitler tried unsuccessfully to secure troops and other war supports from Franco on several occasions, and in the end Hitler viewed Franco as an ineffectual ally, even a liability.

Near the end of the war, once it was clear that Germany was sure to lose, Franco essentially switched sides and offered naval bases in Spain to the US Navy in exchange for assurances that Spain wouldn’t be punished for their very limited participation in the war. Franco even hoped to secure some of the vast amounts of economic aid that poured in to Europe after the war as part of what would become to known as the Marshall plan.

Hitler and Franco met at Hendaye, France, in October of 1940, just across the border from Spain, to discuss Spain’s entry into the war effort. The meeting proved to be unsatisfactory as far as either party was concerned, but had it gone differently, it may have changed the tides of war. The Ministerio del tiempo learns that someone is meddling again with time and they must send their new patrulla to ensure that the meeting at Hendaye results in the same stalemate that history records!

As you watch the episode, I recommend that you turn on the subtitles once the video starts to play by clicking the button Subt. in the lower part of the video screen. You will be able to read the dialog as you watch.

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