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El ministerio del tiempo

En España, hoy es sábado el 20 de octubre de 2018.

NB: Sadly, Radio y Televisión Española has changed their policy and the playing of episodes of this series is now blocked outside of the Iberian peninsula. We are corresponding with RTVE in an attempt to find some way to make this excellent series available to students again.

logoEl ministerio del tiempo is a television series from Radio/Televisión Española. The basic premise is that Spain has guarded a secret series of doors since the time of the Reyes católicos. Beneath Madrid, there is a series of doors which lead back in time to key events in the history of the world and of Spain. In every time period, there are representatives from the Ministry who guard the secret of the doors and who are charged with protecting the history we know against those who would change it for their own benefit and profit.

The central patrol, or patrulla consists of:

  • Julián Martínez, from 2015, a male nurse and EMT. Julián lost his wife in a car accident and has been aimless and depressed ever since. Joining the ministry gives him new reason to live.
  • Amelia Foch, from the 1880s, the first woman to enter University in Spain. She is the brains of the team, and delights in meeting her heroes from history.
  • Alonso Entrerríos, a member of the Spanish “Tercios” from the early 1500s.

Lista de episodios

There is an app for iPhone that allows you play some of the content from RTVE, including the Ministerio del tiempo series.

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