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El capitán Alatriste
Capítulo 11: El sello y la carta

En España, hoy es domingo el 19 de noviembre de 2017.
«No era el hombre más honesto ni el más piadoso, pero era un hombre valiente.»


Capítulo Once: pp. 191-212

After the attack on Alatriste at the corral de comedias, Alatriste is summoned to meet with the Duque de Olivares. Certain that this will be the very last meeting of his life, the Captain refuses to reveal anything more than is absolutely necessary when questioned by the Duke. Later, the two are joined by yet another earlier acquaintance, and Alatriste begins to realize the dangerous situation in which he finds himself. But he soon learns he has powerful friends, as well as enemies!

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Antes de leer

  1. Do you have a “protector?” Someone who will stand by you no matter what?
  2. Alatriste does what he believes to be the “right” and “honorable” thing in the situation in which he finds himself. This, even though it could well result in his death. Do you think it is always right to do the right thing?


Después de leer

  1. ¿Reconoció Alatriste al Duque de Olivares?
  2. ¿A quién más reconoce cuando se lleva al palacio?
  3. ¿Por qué crees que Alatriste no le cuenta toda la verdad a Olivares?
  4. ¿Cómo reacciona Alquézar al verle a Alatriste?
  5. ¿Qué opina crees que el Duque de Olivares tiene de Alatriste después de la cita?

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