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El capitán Alatriste

En España, hoy es martes el 18 de diciembre de 2018.
«No era el hombre más honesto ni el más piadoso, pero era un hombre valiente.»



El capitán Alatriste, by Arturo y Carlota Pérez-Reverte is the story of Diego Alatriste de Tenorio, an ex-soldier of the Spanish tercios who fought in the wars in Flanders. Alatriste is a classic pícaro and the novel is in the style of the capa y espada adventures (a “swashbuckler” in English). The story is told by an aged Íñigo Balboa, who was an adolescent boy when he went to live as a page with the Capitán upon the death of his own father, a good friend of el Capitán. The story takes place in Golden Age Spain and is filled with characters from the era, from Velázquez and Lope de Vega to Francisco de Quevedo and Felipe IV.

Alatriste makes his living as an espadachín, or sword for hire. Hired by some shady characters with connections to the Holy Inquisition, Alatriste follows his conscious and fails to kill an Englishmen targeted by the Inquisition, thereby ensuring that the Inquisition itself will target the captain. The story is complicated when Íñigo falls in love with a beautiful young menina from the royal house who toys with his emotions and is the daughter of one of the men now determined to have Alatriste killed.

The edition we are using in the 2016-2017 academic year is published by Punto de lectura and is available from Amazon here.

If you listen to the audio recordings, you may notice some few small differences in the version of the text read and the version we are reading. Small changes have been made to the text through the various editions, mostly in the form of corrections, but some longer passages have been changed as well.

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El autor

Arturo Pérez-Reverte began his professional life as a war correspondent for Spanish print, radio and television. He was twice reported as missing and presumed dead while engaged in this dangerous activity! Though he began writing novels while still working as a journalist, he has dedicated himself exclusively to writing his very successful historical fiction since the late 1980s and now finds himself as the best selling Spanish author in the world. He has written over 25 novels and some 30+ books in total—many have been translated into more than 40 languages. Ten of his works have been adapted for film and/or television, including Alatriste. In 2002 he was elected to the Real Academia Española.

Los personajes de El Capitán Alatriste en

The Alatriste novels have achieved great success all over the Spanish speaking world, and Pérez-Reverte maintains quite a bit of supplemental material at his own web site. The following are character descriptions written by the author himself.


Todas las novelas en la serie

In 2010 the publishing house Alfaguara released a signed collectors’ edition which contains all of the first seven novels.

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