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Spanish 2 Vocabulary

En España, hoy es martes el 18 de diciembre de 2018.

Spanish 2 New and Review Vocabulary

Below you will find nearly all of the new vocabulary you will learn (or review) in this second year of Spanish. To see any specific list of vocabulary, just click the name of the list you need.

You will also be presented with an audio recording of the pronunciation of all of the vocabulary as well as given a crossword for additional practice and a set of flashcards to download.

(For the vocabulary we assume incoming second year students have already been exposed to, see this page. Much of the more advanced vocabulary from that list will be reviewed as we progress through the year.)


Flashcards: (formerly Mental Case)

Flashcards are available for much of the vocabulary as well. You will need to download the iOS Studies app that I use for the flashcards. To download a stack of vocabulary, navigate to this page on your iOS device in Safari and click the link to download. iOS will offer to open the list in the Studies app.

Unidad 1: Getting started; Talking about yourself and others

Unidad 2: Expressing yourself; Descriptions; Weather

Unidad 3: Routines, Hobbies, Chores and Complaints

Unidad 4: Giving advice; Making comparisons; Making plans

Unidad 5: Fitness and the body; Recommendations

Unidad 6: Exchanging information; Telling a story; Travel and dining

Unidad 7: Describing the way things used to be; Comparisons of equality

Unidad 8: Reporting events; Excuses and errands

Unidad 9: Directions; Shopping and bargaining