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Spanish 2 Essential Food Vocabulary

En España, hoy es lunes el 10 de diciembre de 2018.

The following is a list of the food related vocabulary we expect a student ending their first year of study at the High School and entering their second year of Spanish to know and which should largely be part of their active vocabulary. Certainly, any student entering second year will know more food vocabulary than just this list, but these are the minimum expectations.

Don’t panic if you don’t know all of these items. We will review many of them throughout the year, but if you don’t recognize most of them, you will want to do some review early in the year.

Download a study archive for foods.

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#Freq.Vocab ItemPart of SpeechEnglish
1194aguanoun (f)water (*el agua*, but, *las aguas*)
2787carnenoun (f)meat, flesh
3917vinonoun (m)wine
41143alimentonoun (m)food, nourishment
51250cafnoun (m)coffee, caf
61334lechenoun (f)milk
71392pannoun (m)bread
81701frutanoun (f)fruit
91836platonoun (m)plate, dish
101900huevonoun (m)egg
111986olornoun (m)smell, odor, fragrance
122033azcarnoun (m)sugar
132076aceitenoun (m)oil
142126sabornoun (m)taste, flavor, sensation
152145tnoun (m)tea
162421alcoholnoun (m)alcohol
172493latanoun (f)(tin) can
182584pescadonoun (m)fish (after it is *fished*the kind you eat)
192592exquisitoadjectiveexquisite, superb
202608salnoun (f)salt
212669papanoun (m/f)el Papa - Pope (masc), la papa - potato (fem.)
222710amargoadjectivebitter, sour
232828bebidanoun (f)drink, beverage
242853manzananoun (f)apple
252950naranjanoun (f)orange
262971cenanoun (f)dinner
272985postrenoun (m/f)el postre - dessert; la postre - in the end