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Spanish Two Essential Clothing Vocabulary

En España, hoy es miércoles el 14 de noviembre de 2018.

The following is a list of the clothing we expect a student ending their first year of study at the High School and entering their second year of Spanish to know and which should largely be part of their active vocabulary. Certainly, any student entering second year will know more clothing vocabulary than just this list, but these are the minimum expectations.

Don’t panic if you don’t know all of these items. We will review many of them throughout the year, but if you don’t recognize most of them, you will want to do some review early in the year.

Download a study archive for clothing.

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#Freq.Vocab ItemPart of SpeechEnglish
11285ropanoun (m)clothes, clothing
21317vestirverbto wear, to dress
31710trajenoun (m)suit
41762lavarverbto wash
51932zapatonoun (m)shoe
62220vestidonoun (m)dress
72443camisanoun (f)shirt
82489pantalnnoun (m)pants, trousers
92491manchanoun (f)stain, spot
102496secarverbto dry
112735botanoun (f)boot, wineskin
122865botnnoun (m)button
132899sombreronoun (m)hat
142939prendanoun (f)piece of clothing
152996abrigonoun (m)overcoat
163143faldanoun (f)skirt
173238corbatanoun (f)tie, sash
183249rayanoun (f)line, ray, stripe
193266manganoun (f)sleeve
203271sedanoun (f)silk
213392guantenoun (m)glove
223609polonoun (m)pole, polo, polo shirt
233799coserverbto sew
243900pauelonoun (m)handkerchief, shawl
253904mantonoun (m)cape, cloak
263922cinturnnoun (m)belt