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Spanish 2 Essential Body Vocabulary

En España, hoy es jueves el 21 de septiembre de 2017.

The following is a list of the body related vocabulary we expect a student ending their first year of study at the High School and entering their second year of Spanish to know and which should largely be part of their active vocabulary. Certainly, any student entering second year will know more body vocabulary than just this list, but these are the minimum expectations.

Don’t panic if you don’t know all of these items. We will review many of them throughout the year, but if you don’t recognize most of them, you will want to do some review early in the year.

Download a study archive for body vocabulary.

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#Freq.Vocab ItemPart of SpeechEnglish
1150manonoun (f)hand
2232cuerponoun (m)body
3247ojonoun (m)eye
4298cabezanoun (f)head
5356caranoun (f)face
6386pienoun (m)foot, base
7596lenguanoun (f)language, tongue, strip of land
8613sangrenoun (f)blood
9620brazonoun (m)arm
10635bocanoun (f)mouth, entrance, opening
11649corazónnoun (m)heart, core
12732miembronoun (m)member, limb of the body
13884pielnoun (f)skin, hide, fur
141056pelonoun (m)hair
151201piernanoun (f)leg
161248dedonoun (m)finger, toe, digit
171499espaldanoun (f)back
181563órganonoun (m)organ
191589colanoun (f)line, queue, tail
201649pechonoun (m)chest, breast
211695huesonoun (m)bone
221734cerebronoun (m)brain
231776senonoun (m)breast, bosom
241859dientenoun (m)tooth, cog
251920cuellonoun (m)neck, collar
261927hombronoun (m)shoulder
271969oídonoun (m)hearing, ear
282000índicenoun (m)index, forefinger
292052patanoun (f)leg, paw
302119naríznoun (f)nose
312208rodillanoun (f)knee