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Español 2

En España, hoy es lunes el 10 de diciembre de 2018.
Spanish Civil War Poster (1936-1939)


Información del curso:



  • Grammar Boot Camp!
  • Unidad 1: Getting started; Talking about yourself and others
    • Personal information / Introductions
    • Your daily class schedule
    • Applying for a job / filling out an application / writing a cover letter
    • Basic Spanish geography
  • Unidad 2: Expressing yourself; Descriptions; Weather
    • Feelings and emotions
    • Describing your town and/or community
    • Latin American geography
    • Giving a weather report and recommending appropriate clothing
  • Unidad 3: Routines, Hobbies, Chores and Complaints
  • Unidad 4: Giving advice; Making comparisons; Making plans
    • “La reconquista” and “El camino de Santiago”
    • Telling someone how to do something.
  • Unidad 5: Fitness and the body; Recommendations
    • Tejana music and border culture
  • Unidad 6: Exchanging information; Telling a story; Travel and dining
  • Unidad 7: Describing the way things used to be; Comparisons of equality
    • Cuba and the Caribbean
  • Unidad 8: Reporting events; Excuses and errands
    • The Andes
  • Unidad 9: Directions; Shopping and bargaining
    • Giving directions


Classroom norms

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