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Spanish 1 Essential Sports Vocabulary

En España, hoy es miércoles el 19 de diciembre de 2018.

The following is a list of the sports vocabulary we expect a student ending their first year of study at the High School and entering their second year of Spanish to know and which should largely be part of their active vocabulary. Certainly, any student entering second year will know more sports vocabulary than just this list, but these are the minimum expectations.

Don’t panic if you don’t know all of these items. We will review many of them throughout the year, but if you don’t recognize most of them, you will want to do some review early in the year.

Download a study archive for sports vocabulary.

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#Freq.Vocab ItemPart of SpeechEnglish
1371juegonoun (m)game, play, sport
2425partidonoun (m)party, group, match (sports)
3737equiponoun (m)team
41165partidanoun (f)game, match, departure
51737tironoun (m)throw, shot
62065pistanoun (f)clue, track, trace
72445pelotanoun (f)ball
82451cazanoun (f)hunt(ing), game
93970estadionoun (m)stadium
104019entrenamientonoun (m)training
114315porteronoun (m/f)porter, doorkeeper, goalie
124485canchanoun (f)playing field, court
134855ganadornoun (m)winner
144968tenisnoun (m)tennis