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Spanish One Essential Nouns

En España, hoy es martes el 18 de diciembre de 2018.

The following is a list of the nouns we expect a student entering their first year of High School Spanish to know and which should largely be part of their active vocabulary. Certainly, any student entering first year at the High School after 1-2 years of study in the graded schools will know far more nouns than just this list, but these are the minimum expectations.

Don’t panic if you don’t know all of these nouns. We will review many of them throughout the year, but if you don’t recognize most of them, you will want to do some review early in the year.

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#Freq.Vocab ItemPart of SpeechEnglish
144vez, vecesnoun (f)
255aonoun (m)
368tiemponoun (m)
471danoun (m)
578cosanoun (f)
680hombrenoun (m)
786partenoun (f)
888vidanoun (f)
9108momentonoun (m)
10113formanoun (f)
11116casanoun (f)
12118mundonoun (m)
13127mujernoun (f)
14130casonoun (m)
15133pasnoun (m)
16135lugarnoun (m)
17137personanoun (f)
18143horanoun (f)
19145trabajonoun (m)
20147puntonoun (m)
21150manonoun (f)
22152maneranoun (f)
23156finnoun (m)
24157tiponoun (m)
25158gentenoun (f)
26162ejemplonoun (m)
27165ladonoun (m)
28166hijonoun (m)
29169problemanoun (m)
30170cuentanoun (f)
31171medionoun (m)
32176palabranoun (f)
33178nionoun (m)
34180embargonoun (m)
35182padrenoun (m)
36186cambionoun (m)
37192historianoun (f)
38193ideanoun (f)
39194aguanoun (f)
40196nochenoun (f)
41197ciudadnoun (f)
42198modonoun (m)
43199nombrenoun (m)
44201familianoun (f)
45202realidadnoun (f)
46206obranoun (f)
47209verdadnoun (f)
48210mesnoun (m)
49212raznnoun (f)
50216gruponoun (m)
51230relacinnoun (f)
52232cuerponoun (m)
53235hechonoun (m)
54237principionoun (m)
55240seornoun (m)
56241pueblonoun (m)
57242tardenoun (f)
58247ojonoun (m)
59248callenoun (f)
60253libronoun (m)
61255fuerzanoun (f)
62256luznoun (f)
63258santonoun (m)
64260frentenoun (m/f)
65262amigonoun (m)
66265sentidonoun (m)
67267pasonoun (m)
68268situacinnoun (f)
69272gracianoun (f)
70273siglonoun (m)
71274diosnoun (m)
72276tierranoun (f)
73277papelnoun (m)
74278madrenoun (f)
75283temanoun (m)
76288clasenoun (f)
77291dineronoun (m)
78295camponoun (m)
79298cabezanoun (f)
80302ordennoun (m/f)
81303donnoun (m)
82304semananoun (f)
83307finalnoun (m/f)
84308intersnoun (m)
85310vistanoun (f)
86313acuerdonoun (m)
87315nmeronoun (m)
88318fondonoun (m)
89319caminonoun (m)
90320voznoun (f)
91321estudionoun (m)
92326valornoun (m)
93333medidanoun (f)
94339centronoun (m)
95340necesidadnoun (f)
96341condicinnoun (f)
97344faltanoun (f)
98350edadnoun (f)
99351estadonoun (m)
100352sernoun (m)
101354puertanoun (f)
102356caranoun (f)
103358pocanoun (f)
104359colornoun (m)
105361experiencianoun (f)
106362movimientonoun (m)
107366pesarnoun (m)
108367posibilidadnoun (f)
109371juegonoun (m)
110374airenoun (m)
111377guerranoun (f)
112379resultadonoun (m)
113384leynoun (f)
114385aspectonoun (m)
115386pienoun (m)
116388especienoun (f)
117390servicionoun (m)
118393actividadnoun (f)