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Latin American & Iberian Studies

En España, hoy es domingo el 09 de diciembre de 2018.

Tracing the formation and development of the Hispanic world, this course will examine the cultural origins of the Iberian Peninsula, Meso-America, Central America, and South America from pre-historical population migrations through post-Cold War Spain and Latin America. We will study the historical development of the region from first contact and conquest, through independence, reform and revolution, civil war, and US imperialism in the region. Assignments will consist of readings of primary and secondary source materials, film, and literature. Upper level Spanish students will read some materials in the original Spanish, while other students will be assigned translations and English-language alternatives.



  • Pre-History
  • Early History of the Iberian Peninsula
    • The Basques
    • The Celts
    • Hispania: Roman Iberia
    • Al Andalus: Moorish Iberia
  • La Reconquista: The reconquest of Iberia
  • The New World
    • Discovery and Conquest of the New World
    • Independence
      • Reform and Revolution
      • U.S. Imperialism in Latin America
  • 20th Century Spain
  • Post Cold War Latin America