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Tiras cómicas

En España, hoy es martes el 18 de diciembre de 2018.

The following are the most current Spanish language tiras cómics we have indexed.

Baldo en español was the first comic in the US released simultaneously in both English and Spanish. Created by Hector D. Cantu and Carlos Castellanos, it follows the exploits of Baldo Bermudez, a high school student in California, living with his widowed father Sergio, his sister Gracie, and his spinster aunt, Tía Carmen.

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Tutelandia is created by Juan Matías Loiseau, best known as “Tute”, from Argentina. Tutelandia is a social commentary cartoon that will frequently make you laugh at the human condition!

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baldo más reciente

2017-06-06 - © Baldo Partners: Hector Cantú & Carlos Castellanos; Universal UClick
Categories: Progressive Tenses, Subjunctive, Noun Clause, Reflexives

tutelandia más reciente

2017-03-27 - © Tute; Universal UClick
Categories: Impersonal se, Hacer with Time